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We operate a stable of editors who work in the worlds of publishing, education and professional writing. Several of our editors freelance for publishers in the UK and the US. A number are themselves literary agents or publishers and several are published authors.


All are dedicated editors or reviewers with a clear understanding of what makes good fiction and how to provide useful feedback. We read your work and appraise it objectively, drawing on our professional experience and expertise.

Many of our editors are members of SfEP, and Fiction Feedback is a partner member of ALLi. Our editor-in-chief holds a key position within the Crime Writers’ Association (CWA) who award the world-renowned Daggers, and Fiction Feedback provides the CWA’s official editing service.


Our editors’ interests and experience are varied. Crime, semi-literary fiction, contemporary romance, historical novels, children’s fiction for all ages and narrative non-fiction including educational books and memoir are encompassed by their areas of expertise.

High professional standards are at the heart of our critique and editing service which is rapidly earning a reputation as one of the best in the UK. Whenever we provide sample edits, customers who have sensibly been shopping around return to us for their work with comments such as ‘technically far superior’ and ‘the best by a long way’.


The result of such high quality editing is outstanding manuscripts. Whether you’re looking to attract the attention of an agent or to publish independently, that’s essential.


Over our decade-plus in business, we have helped a number of writers secure publishing contracts.


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Fiction Feedback offers services in two general areas; critiques and editing.


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Agents and publishers look for writers who take their work seriously. Readers look for books presented to the same standard as those they’re used to reading.


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