Discover the insider marketing secrets of successful authors with BookMarketingPRO


Start marketing your book like a professional with face-to-face coaching from one of the UK’s leading book marketers, Anna Caig.


BookMarketingPRO is a 4-week coaching programme that’s tailored around you, your book, and your target readership. There’s no wasting valuable time wading through lots of irrelevant information. Each session is tightly focused on the key marketing tools and techniques that will deliver the best results for you and your book.


In just 4 weeks, Anna’s coaching sessions will help you to fast-track your marketing skills and discover all the industry tips and tricks to raise your profile and drive sales. You will be able to:


  • Understand how to create an effective personal brand
  • Create a simple but effective marketing strategy
  • Target audiences and create content that will engage them
  • Choose the most effective social media platforms, if social media is your thing
  • Use PR to get publicity across traditional & online media
  • Plan a successful book launch.

Master the professional marketing and promotional techniques
that will get you and your book noticed.


Letting the world know that your book is out there and persuading readers to buy it, is probably the hardest part of the whole novel-writing process. Yet it’s arguably the most important if you want to sell beyond family and friends; if you want to sell to strangers. Good marketing will ensure readers appreciate your creativity, your investment and hard work. Good marketing means sales: more financial rewards for you – and more people reading your words.


Who is BookMarketingPRO for?

BookMarketingPRO is designed for both fiction and non-fiction authors, regardless of the stage your book is at, and of whether you’re looking to publish independently or sign a traditional publishing contract.


BookMarketingPRO is perfect for anyone looking to self-publish their work. Without the backing and support of a publisher, everything comes down to you – and it can feel like you’ve got a mountain to climb. But with Anna’s help you can break it down into manageable chunks that are tailored to what you want to achieve.


BookMarketingPRO also supports authors going down the traditional publishing route – helping you use marketing to attract an agent, a publisher, and especially to create momentum for your work. Publishers expect you to contribute to marketing these days and if you can create a strategy to get your marketing moving, that’s a big plus. Anna can help you refine your message, build your networks across multiple channels and engage your audience successfully.

Why do our authors love BookMarketingPRO?

“Everything is tailored to what you want to know and what you want to achieve. Whether you have some marketing experience or none, Anna can help.”



The four, hour-long sessions are usually spaced over a four-week period to give you time to take on board the information and to do the work that Anna will set you. However, she is flexible so this can be adjusted to suit your timetable and your needs. Once you sign up for the course, you settle on the days and times in agreement with Anna.


You’ll need to set aside 1-2 hours after each session to get the most out of the course. That way you can start to look at or even implement some of the ideas she gives you, and ask her questions. Email exchanges will be directly with Anna.

How does BookMarketingPRO work?


To sign up for your 4-week coaching package, drop us an email. We’ll guide you through the easy payment process, whether you prefer bank transfer or PayPal.


Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you a confirmation email and ask you to provide some background information about yourself, your book and your previous experience, including:


  • The first 3,000 words of your book.
  • An overview of what you want to achieve and whether there are any aspects of marketing that you’re not interested in – we understand social media is not for everyone!
  • Information about any marketing skills and knowledge you already have – so you don’t waste time covering what you already know.
  • Details about any book marketing you’ve done in the past – what worked well and not so well.


Coaching is usually held via Zoom. If you prefer to use a different video conferencing tool please let us know.


We know you can get information about book marketing from books and blogs. But they don’t offer information tailored to your book and your marketing aptitudes and preferences. Through this route you’ll also discover new ideas that either you’d not considered before, or not in depth because you didn’t see their relevance or think they were viable for you. This training is completely bespoke.


As part of your 4-week package you will receive:


  • Individual coaching & training tailored around you and what you want to achieve.
  • 4 x hourly face-to-face sessions (over the 4-week period).
  • Weekly exercises and activities to help you build your skills and implement your marketing strategy.


For more information or to book your one-to-one book marketing course, email us.



The full course costs £475. For writers who have used Fiction Feedback services in the last two years, we’re happy to offer the course at £445.


The one-to-one Zoom sessions were highly geared to the client’s personal objectives and therefore far more valuable and inspirational than generic online courses or presentations to a mass audience. The sessions were highly focussed on additional marketing activities to those with which I was already familiar.
K Short, Novelist

You’ll need an internet connection and a device with a microphone and camera. You’ll liaise with Anna over whether you use Zoom or another platform, and she’ll make sure you’re all set up before the course starts.


The confidential course is one-to-one between you and Anna and will be tailored to your book, your marketing avenue preferences and your ambitions.


This is the crème de la crème of book marketing courses.


Email us:

Anna Caig, communications expert

Anna has nearly 20 years’ experience in communications and strategic marketing. She works with both traditionally published and independent writers, supporting them to build their brand and reach more readers.


Anna also writes crime and historical fiction, and reviews books for the Sheffield Telegraph. Her novel The Spae-wife was shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger.


Anna tutors on the MA Journalism course at the University of Sheffield and is the former Head of Communications at Sheffield City Council. She reviews books for the Sheffield Telegraph and on her blog, Murder Underground Broke The Camel’s Back.


She began her training business to help writers to build their brand and reach more readers. She now works with traditionally and independently published writers, as well as helping creatives in any discipline find a wider audience. Since setting up Anna Caig Communications, she has worked with over 250 authors to spread the word about their work in a way that is authentic to their values and reflects why they write in the first place.

What writers say about Anna’s course


Suzanne Snow, author: “Over our four sessions, Anna has provided informative, relevant and expert content that I’ve found so helpful as I approach the publication of my first book. Anna delivers her sessions with great professionalism, warmth, enthusiasm and insight. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for communications and marketing content and advice.”


K Short, crime novelist: “Anna provided a relaxed and informal atmosphere in which to explore how to develop a product brand and identify target audiences. The sessions were both informative and enjoyable. For my next book, I will develop a comprehensive and structured marketing plan against a timeline up to and beyond the launch date. The target audiences are now well established following the course and I will be approaching them individually using the suggested channels.”


Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, poet: “The best course I’ve been on this year: jam-packed with ideas and tips to enable me to approach marketing my brand and my books from a range of different angles. The course was well organised and Anna was thoroughly prepared for each session. I now have the tools to set up an action plan for marketing my next book and for using social media more effectively without it swallowing up too much precious writing time.”


Kevin Sene, writer ( “With Anna’s expert guidance I found it very useful to step back and ask wider questions such as why I enjoy writing, how I approach it, and how best to present that more widely. Our discussions on specific topics such as key messages and social media also gave many useful insights.”


Libby Cutts, writer: “I came to Anna as a new writer thinking I might be rather ahead of myself – learning about brand and marketing before I even have an agent – but I found it immensely helpful and interesting. The exercises on brand were particularly useful to a developing writer because it helped me to focus, to think about the kind of writer I want to be. These are topics that creative people would often prefer not to think about but I really came away feeling that what I learned did feed back into the creative work itself, giving it clarity and direction.”