Editing is essential for professionally produced novels and narrative non-fiction. From ensuring the story is engaging through strong narrative arc, characterisation, writing style, plotting and pace, to perfecting word choice, spelling, punctuation and grammar; these are the processes a novel must go through if it’s to make that vital first impression.


We’re talking about the first impression on a literary agent or publisher, who these days is much more likely to react positively to a manuscript if it’s already been professionally edited. And we’re talking about independently published work, too: readers are used to high standards and are more likely to review books and buy again from an author whose standards are similar.


Properly edited writing engages readers and leads to good reviews, recommendations and higher sales. It also tells prospective publishers – and independent publishing is now an important route to traditional publishers, for writers eager for a contract – that you take your writing seriously.

Editing is a broad term for quite different processes.

  1. Developmental/content/structural editing. This is the first step for a manuscript. As well as developmental editing we offer cumulative editing and mentoring. For a halfway house between critiques and editing, we provide a Critique Plus.
  2. Line and copy-editing. This is where facts are checked and where the prose undergoes forensic examination.

Submission package special

We will highlight any major weaknesses in your submission package up to 10,000 words, copy-edit it, make comments on your synopsis and covering letter and copy-edit them too. We’ll even help you write an elevator pitch. Cost: £345. Email for details or see the item in News & Views.

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Send us 5,000 words and what kind of editing you’re ready for – developmental or copy-editing – and we’ll provide a quote.

A very detailed assessment of the novel, usually consisting of both a long report and comments to the manuscript (MS) itself.


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This is the stage where we look at the nuts and bolts of the prose, such as grammar, word choice and punctuation, and much more.


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