About Fiction Feedback



We help you to make your novel or narrative non-fiction publishable and saleable. Agents and publishers look for writers who take their work seriously. Readers look for books written to the same standard as those they’re used to from traditional publishers. Fiction Feedback at your service.

What we offer

  • objective opinion, based only on your writing;
  • professional, constructive, considered critiques, which you might want to quote in your submission to a publisher or agent;
  • up to three critiques, each by a different editor, for greater feedback – or choose critiques of revised drafts by the same editor;
  • structural / developmental editing: intensive, comprehensive, expert;
  • copy-editing: detailed, precise, careful and above all consistent;
  • proofreading: of manuscripts which have already been copy-edited by us;
  • sensible prices;
  • extra services such as a personalised book marketing course, submission package editing, synopsis writing and personalised advice on publishing;
  • advice and guidance on publishing routes to customers using our editing services and recommendation of your manuscript where appropriate

Please remember every opinion is subjective. This reflects real life, where one reader might hugely enjoy a book that someone else dislikes – this applies to agents, publishers and editors too.


  1. We need to receive payment before we can begin your work (except for free sample mini-edits, of course).
  2. Where the work submitted for critique is 15,000 words or less, we aim to return your critique(s) within 3 weeks of receiving your digital submission and payment. We tell you how much time to allow if you submit longer work; it’s usually 4-5 weeks.
  3. For editing, we will need a sample of your work – ideally two chapters – to provide a quote. Our quotes are per 1,000 words for both structural / developmental and copy-editing. We will offer a free sample edit if required and quote a rate and schedule. Once you decide to go ahead, we will ask for your manuscript as a docx or rtf file. We edit documents using Word’s review system and return them as docx files.

We are available by email to respond to any questions on your work and our service before, during or after the process.


Our preferred payment option is by bank transfer, or you can pay via PayPal using your credit card or PayPal account (admin fee applies to amounts over £150). If you’d rather post a UK cheque, that’s fine. Payment by instalment for larger amounts is also fine.


Fiction Feedback is pleased to offer a 5% discount on all services for customers returning within 6 months.


Over our decade-plus in business, we have helped a number of writers secure publishing contracts.


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We operate a stable of editors who work in the worlds of publishing, education and professional writing.


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Fiction Feedback offers services in two general areas; critiques and editing.


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Get in touch to find out more about our full range of services or to submit your work.


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