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Over our decade-plus in business, we have helped many writers secure publishing contracts. This is hugely satisfying to us. Just as satisfying: we’ve helped many authors to publish independently.



These days writers recognise that to be successful authors they need to apply the same professional standards to their work, whether they’re looking for agent representation and a traditional contract or whether they’re publishing independently. That’s where Fiction Feedback comes in.

For a number of authors, independently publishing to high standards attracts traditional publishers who offer contracts as a result. Others prefer the independence – and profits – of self-publishing, and a contract is not their goal. Whatever their aims, indie writers need their work professionally edited to succeed.


Many of our customers return to us, book after book, project after project, even when they have traditional publishing deals, to perhaps get an overview on writing in a different genre, or a new series. Indie authors return for every new novel editing and copy-editing.

Our input varies from critiques or overviews through to full structural/developmental editing and of course copy-editing.


Once upon a time, a writer looking for an agent would not worry about editing at all. Increasingly we’re finding not only publishers but also agents prefer work that’s already been edited – copy-edited as well as developmentally edited. This is onerous on the author, but at least it’s a positive in knowing there is a way to impress. Making an agent sit up and take notice when they usually only give each manuscript a few minutes’ attention is a considerable advantage.

Simon Michael

“Fiction Feedback gave me invaluable and insightful structural analysis of my MS, and then copy-edited it to within an inch of its life! Wonderful, painstaking service, which I shall certainly use again.”

Simon Michael – traditionally published author of Corrupted and the Charles Holbourne series.

David James

“Thorough and perceptive…the best critiquing service I’ve experienced.”

David James – author of The Confessions of Becky Sharp


“The quality and depth of the reviews far exceeded my expectations and it was clear that the reviewers had taken the trouble to get to grips with my writing and do a thorough job. I think the service you have provided is excellent value for money.”

ST – novelist

Fiction Feedback offers services in two general areas; critiques and editing. We match our team of expert editors as best we can to your manuscript.


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We operate a stable of editors who work in the worlds of publishing, education and professional writing.


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Agents and publishers look for writers who take their work seriously. Readers look for books presented to the same standard as those they’re used to reading.


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