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Fiction Feedback provides specialist services in two general areas; critiques and editing. We match our team of expert editors to your manuscript (MS) and your experience.




Critiques are short reports that highlight major strengths and weaknesses and make some suggestions regarding how you might improve the MS. They are useful pointers and an affordable means of getting professional feedback on your writing. We offer up to three independent critiques on your writing.


Editing is the next process. However, for those wanting a halfway house between critiques and a developmental edit, we offer a Critique Plus. It’s a lot more detailed than a critique, but doesn’t have the comprehensiveness – or the price tag – of a full edit. Useful if there are areas of your novel that need intensive scrutiny, too. Email us for details.



Editing is where we examine your MS in depth.


Developmental editing looks at the structure, narrative arc, pacing, characterisation, writing style and story of the novel. This kind of editing comes first, and is what most people think of as editing. We provide a long, comprehensive report which is complemented by comments to the MS. Every aspect of the MS is analysed and suggestions made throughout for how you might make improvements.


Copy-editing comes after that. It looks in detail at the prose and corrects matters of grammar, spelling and punctuation, checks or questions facts, identifies anachronisms and establishes consistent style guides for such things as the formatting of numbers and times.


To customers who’ve benefited from any of our editing services, we offer free advice on publishing and in certain cases recommendations.


Editing services are charged at a rate per 1,000 words and can be paid for by instalment. For customers returning to Fiction Feedback within 6 months, we offer a 5% discount on any critique or editing service.


Submissions, Book Marketing & More

Extra services include a one-to-one writing advice session, a synopsis-writing service and a submission package special where we look at your cover letter, synopsis and opening pages in detail.



Check out our marketing one-to-one, an interactive book marketing course tailored to your book and your aspirations. If you’re a crime writer, visit Crafting Crime, the course Fiction Feedback runs with celebrated crime writer Martin Edwards.


Over our decade-plus in business, we have helped a number of writers secure publishing contracts.


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We operate a stable of editors who work in the worlds of publishing, education and professional writing.


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Agents and publishers look for writers who take their work seriously. Readers look for books presented to the same standard as those they’re used to reading.


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