Fiction Feedback Author’s ‘Intriguing and Clever’ Thriller Published

Keith Short’s The Butterfly Wheel, a thriller with many twists and turns set in and around Cheltenham and Gloucester, is now available as an ebook after the paperback was published at the end of 2022.

Keith Short is a an author who has used our critique and editing services for all his novels, but most especially for this one, where his talent is wonderfully evident in an unusual and gripping story.

The Butterfly Wheel is a not your average crime novel. The protagonist is a Jake-the-lad whose motorbike accident at the outset puts him in a wheelchair. Yet Jake, recovering his old joie de vivre, continues to flirt and see multiple women, despite enjoying the affection of regular girlfriend, Everly – who has her own secrets. Things start to go horribly wrong for Jake when one by one the women with whom he’s enjoyed flings or flirtations are murdered. Unsurprisingly, the police decide Jake is their number one suspect and arrest him. After that, the novel takes an astonishing turn and Jake discovers he has allies in unusual places – and a terrible enemy, whose sights are now fixed firmly on Everly. The Mannequin is somewhere out there…somewhere close.

Reviewers say: ‘intriguing and clever’…’believable characters and a clever plot that kept me guessing right up to the end’…’a really good and engaging thriller’…’a growing sense of tension and some great twists and turns‘…’great characters (not all of them particularly likeable)

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