Adventuring with Queen Berengaria

Congratulations to our long-time author Austin Hernon who has had his first two novels about Berengaria of Navarre, Queen of England published by Sapere Books over the last few months. The last one in the trilogy is due out later in 2024. Austin has been with Fiction Feedback almost since we started in 2008 and it’s been a joy to work with him on making his novel’s historical subjects come to life.


Never heard of Queen Berengaria? She was (eventually) the wife of Richard the Lionheart and accompanied him, very much without knowing what she was getting into, on part of the Third Crusade.  Her story makes fascinating reading, a first-hand witness account of the horrors of Outremer in the late twelfth century, and as ever Austin makes us care for her and for the others who share her adventures. Maybe not so much for her husband King Richard…


I love learning about aspects of history I previously knew little about and to do it in the company of Berengaria of Navarre was a huge pleasure. Thanks, Austin; we had a blast and good luck to you with these latest exciting books!

The Lionheart’s Bride and The Abandoned Queen are on sale now.