HAS D J Harrison More Trouble in Store for Jenny Parker?

D J Harrison’s Jenny Parker series, about a woman whose struggle to survive a world of villainy calls into question the reader’s morals and ethics, might be about to get a new lease of life.

The series currently stands at four, with Exit Strategy (Lume Books, 2019) thought to be the final instalment. However, there is a rumour that Dave has written another two novels about the intrepid Manchester accountant who finds dirty money is far from the messiest thing she has to deal with.

Dave is currently writing another thriller, a second crime series and a science fantasy series, too – all awaiting a publisher – and has contributed a short story to an anthology published in May 2020 by Lume Books called Given in Evidence.

Fiction Feedback are always keen to hear about Dave’s latest writing, having been involved in editing his work since the very first Jenny Parker almost a decade ago. Dave’s enthusiasm and tenacity as well as outstanding talent saw him get a publishing deal a couple of years after originally self-publishing.